“Is there any more tofu?”

This comment, made by my son’s best friend during dinner this week, made me feel like a vegan goddess.  Not only was it simply a Vegan WIN, but I was doubly proud, since I made up the recipe all by myself!

My co-worker Jenny has been very generous with the greens growing in her communal garden. I’ve received kale, chard in a rainbow of colors, green onions, and several kinds of herbs.  As has been discussed recently, I’ve never sampled greens other than spinach; so this is a wonderful journey for me to learn and explore.  I juiced some of the kale for green drink, and the rest I made into kale chips, which were stunningly good, and devoured by everyone (with the exception of Murphy, who couldn’t quite get past the “it’s a vegetable!” thought.) That left chard.  And me, googling for information and recipes.

Chard is related to beets, and their leaves look very similar.  The stalks come in various shades, from  white to yellow and beet red.  Only the leaves and stalks are edible.  Like kale, young leaves may be eaten raw, but mature leaves are best when cooked. Like other leafy green vegetables, they are rich in a wide array of minerals. Chard has high levels of magnesium, calcium, vitamin K, iron, potassium, vitamin A, folate, zinc, copper, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and vitamin E.

Inspired by this recipe I decided to make Orange Tofu with Quinoa Stuffed Chard.  The adults seemed to enjoy all of it; the younger children weren’t wild about but ate the rolls, and really loved the tofu.  I made extra sauce for leftovers.  This was certainly the most ambitious recipe I’ve ever come up with; but it was worth it!  I only wish I’d had the forethought to take pictures before it was inhaled.

(recipe will follow shortly)


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