Fried Seitan?

I don’t know if it’s a recommended way of cooking seitan, but tonight, I coated it with cornstarch and fried it.  Served it with General Tao’s Sauce and rice.  Wow.  I put extra red pepper flakes into the sauce tonight, since it was only me eating; it was a bit potent, but GOOD.  I also probably over cooked the seitan, as it didn’t  brown well, so I didn’t know if it was done, especially since it was still a bit frozen in the middle.  It was still delicious.  This was seitan from my first batch, that I found in our freezer today.  I still haven’t made my second batch; maybe tomorrow.  Today was a very lazy day (meaning I only did two loads of laundry and three loads of dishes.)

My nutrition today was also less than stellar; didn’t eat breakfast; had Pad Thai soup (with WAY too much salt!) and english muffins with tofutti cream cheese for lunch.  Dinner, at least, was decent.  I need to shop; I want to make chili but am out of TVP, I’m out of spinach and kale for green drink; out of yogurt for smoothies, even out of cereal for morning.  But I have my chocolate mousse, so life is good.

B –
L- Pad Thai Soup, whole wheat english muffins with tofutti cream cheese
S – green drink, pumpkin and sunflower seeds
D – Seitan with General Tao’s sauce, rice, kale salad.
S – Chocolate Mousse

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  1. Amy Love
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 18:27:33

    Glad your seitan turned out better this time, coated in cornstarch and fried you can never go wrong! My new go to recipes for seitan are the ones in Viva Vegan I give them to you sometime next week 🙂


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