Because Amy Asked

I wanted to write about my seitan.  My first attempt, about two months ago, was dismal.  It came out hard and rubbery and just not good eats.  So I’ve been afraid to try it again; I don’t often have really awful outcomes in the kitchen. But I steeled my nerves, got a lot of advice (and some new recipes from Amy, THANK YOU!) I am so pleased to report that these batches came out AWESOME!  I made two; an Asian chicken style batch, and a Mexican beef style batch.  The chicken especially is light, fluffy, and even good plain, right out of the pot.  Rather than making “steaks” I made nuggets, and they’re just the way I think they should be.  Tucked them into the freezer (flash frozen on a cookie sheet, so they won’t freeze in a block) so that I can make yummy things later.  These should last me a while!  But the next batch I will try steaming them, as recommended; by then, maybe I’ll find a steamer by then. YUM!


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  1. Amy Love
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 21:29:02

    wow if only you could see the huge smile on my face right now! yayayayayayay!!! i am so happy this batch turned out better, don’t lose hope! seitan is awesome if you make it right, disgusting if you don’t… i hope this will give you more variety as eating tofu 24/7 is a bit much (but very yummy).


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