Rough Week

I have found it this week tough to stick to my new “diet.”  I use the quotes, because it is not really a diet; it’s food as medicine.  Which I am all in favor of, until I received  a list of foods I should eat, and a much longer list of foods I shouldn’t.

Changing to a vegan diet was a breeze compared to my current trial.  I am to cut out onions and garlic in all forms, along with cinnamon, all permutations of pepper (including ground black, all chiles, and even sweet peppers).  Limit soy, wheat, most grains, all fried food, and did I mention onion and garlic?  I’m supposed to include more (say it with me) dark green leafy vegetables, which is fine; but salads cannot have any commercial salad dressings, since they all contain raw garlic and onion (raw is especially bad.)  Even making my own dressing is tough; I’m not really supposed to have vinegar either.  Nathan recommends citrus juices (of which I am not really a fan) and olive oil, adding spices I don’t have (and don’t really like: marjoram, dill, thyme, lemon balm.)

I was very frustrated this past week, and especially this weekend, feeling that there is nothing I can eat that is enjoyable any more.  I didn’t mind giving up meat or dairy;  I truly enjoy a varied diet and there was still plenty I could eat.  Indian food especially was a new and wonderful frontier for me, and I was thrilled learning how to cook and eat it.  But most Indian food has garlic and onion in large quantities.  So now that’s out.  Mexican food is out; but that’s not really one of my favorites, so I can live without that too.  Chinese food?  Heavy on the garlic and onion again.  Sandwiches?  No bread. I’m allowed sprouted bread, or non wheat based bread, but my experiences with them so far have not inspired me.  I’d rather live without.

All this left me feeling deprived, frustrated, a bit angry and resentful.  BUT…. I really really really want to feel better.  And I’m beginning to see signs that maybe, just maybe, little parts of my health picture may be improving.

I met with Nathan tonight, and we talked about it.  He gave me a lot of ideas, and told me I don’t need to be QUITE as strict as I have been (I do tend to be an all-or-nothing sort of person, often to my detriment.)  He fed my “I want to grow things” meme and gave me a few tips on that as well.  I left his office feeling a lot better about things.  Due to financial constraints, I’m going to cut back the acupuncture but continue the herbs.

The other bad news is that my hours have been cut in half  “temporarily.”  We hope, temporarily.  Since I only work 20 hours as it is, this is rather catastrophic.  So I’m back pounding the pavement,  looking for a  job I can physically do and ethically live with.  Ideally.  I will, of course, do almost anything to get the bills paid.  Prostitution is still illegal, right? Just checking.

Overall, my pain has seemed a little less; the mid cycle pain came this weekend with cramping for about four days, but it wasn’t doubled over kind of pain, and the associated back pain was better also.  My mental energy seems a little higher; I actually took all the plants in our kitchen window that Billy had set up for me a system so I wouldn’t kill them (Thanks Bill!) and I repotted them and put them outside.  This is a huge thing for me.  I now have parsley, sage, rosemary and mint (psych!) growing in pots, as well as a pot of watercress.  The mint and the watercress two days later look iffy; it was really hot today but the soil was already wet, so I didn’t water them anymore.  Tomorrow I want to try to buy some stevia, marjoram, dill, lemon balm, nasturnums and bachelor buttons (flowers I’m told are good in salads!) and maybe some veggies.  Ambitious, no?

Like I said, all or nothing.

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  1. Amy Love
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 23:51:29

    Hmmmm… Sounds pretty sucky and I am sorry it’s been so difficult 😦 Let me know what ends up working for you… and also you can always leave garlic and onions out and maybe find something else to sub if you feel the need… i love onions times infinity so i would imagine that being hard… you could always try roasting your favorite veggies, I use cooking spray to do this!

    Honestly, I am not too sure about this “Miracle Guy” you really haven’t been straight vegan for that long, maybe you should give it more time as your body is already responding so well to it 🙂 Also, with being vegan if you really want to experience the profound health effects, you should only be eating whole vegan foods with minimal fat, not meat and dairy analogs and crap outta a box or can… Sorry many of my recipes are fried but maybe you could sub cooking spray or cook veggies in a tiny bit of water to get them going… Good luck my friend 🙂


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