Finally – Pot Stickers!

I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking; it’s been HOT here, over a hundred degrees every day.    A lot of  salads, leftovers,  hummus and veggie meals, and a quick stir fry or two.   But the other day, I did make something I’ve been dying to make for ages; POT STICKERS!

I used a recipe originally written by Alton Brown (my hero!) but had been veganized; I had to make further changes to adapt to my bizarro diet.  Basically, I finely chopped some extra firm tofu, kale, carrots, and napa cabbage; added tamari sauce, grated ginger, sesame oil. My willing slaves then did the stuffing.  I didn’t have dumpling wraps, so I used a vegan brand of wonton wrappers and folded them diagonally.  I served them with some leftover General Tsao’s sauce and the dipping sauce that came with the recipe (soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, a touch of siracha), but I actually liked them best plain. Everyone LOVED these.  A lot of fun to make, and more fun to eat!  I did learn a lot from this first attempt. I need to measure the water added to the pan (too much is not good) and have just the right amount of oil for frying (too much is greasy; too little is too dry).  We froze the leftovers for another meal.  It makes quite a number of pot stickers.  After we ran out of wrappers I used the remainder of the  filling in the next day’s stir fry.  Simple, delicious.  The children were upset that we weren’t having the actual pot stickers for dinner though!

I’m looking for work, which is never a fun task.  My hours have been reduced, so I need to find something, anything, to keep the special diet coming (not to mention the herbs and acupuncture treatments!)  It’s been very discouraging; I sent out 20+ resumes on Craig’s List; one half got no response whatsoever, the other half got scam replies.  I have one person who has promised to call me today for an interview; keep your fingers crossed.  It’s office work, which I was hoping to get away from, but it’s a non-profit with a cause close to my heart, so it will still feel like socially responsible work.  Everyone in my house is searching for work, so if you have ANYTHING you want done, give us a yell.

My plants are coming along well.  It looked touch and go for a while.  The mint, which everyone tells me is so easy to grow, wilted terribly as soon as I put it in the new pot.  Neither watering nor sun seemed to help for a couple of days.  Yesterday, however, it perked up.  I did some rapid damage control, pruning back the dead leaves, pinching off stuff that looked too far gone, and it looks like it may survive!  WooT!  Ortiz Nursery is having a bulb demo on Saturday; I may attend, just for the giggles.  I so love growing things, and I’ve always been so desperately bad at it.  I’m really hoping this time will be different.  I really would like to get to the point where I can grow a significant portion of our food, and I want to compost.  Ambitious, for someone with bad knees, constant pain and fatigue, no?  I’m told I don’t do things halfway; which means when I fail, I fail SPECTACULARLY.  Pictures of the garden soon.  (Don’t you love how a few small pots becomes a “garden?”)

Oh, and for those who care; we finally uploaded pictures from the camera. Ok, so some are almost a year old.  I’ll be updating the family blog (Homespun Dreamings) with them soon.   I’m also going to be moving the family blog eventually; my aim is to have three blogs.  This one, for the journey I’m on now, Homespun Dreamings, which will become a retail shop for various and sundry items I make to sell, and a third blog, yet to be named, for family.   Oh, and my beloved will also soon have a blog for his musical undertakings; it’s under construction at present.   I’ll update as info becomes available.

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  1. Amy Love
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 02:14:33

    Yummy! Those potstickers look amazing 🙂 I hope you’re able to find a job soon, especially at that non profit that would be so awesome… I wish I had a job that I was passionate about but anyways… I hope you’re doing okay pain wise, have an awesome weekend ❤


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