And I thought New England Weather was weird

One week ago, it was 113 degrees. Today, it was low 60’s, damp and cold.  Weird.  My poor toes and fingers were throbbing all day. Flannel shirt, wool socks.  Started to think about knitting hand warmers again. Strange.

So I seem to be on a bit of a plateau; haven’t lost any more weight, but I’m not freaking about it.  The main goal is to eat healthy, which I am doing.

Last night I had my first experience with millet, as a grain.  I was cooking it for a recipe I intended to use tonight, but since I didn’t follow directions, and the grain swelled to about 50 times it’s original size, I added it to last night’s plan as well.  We had fishsticks, millet, and zucchini sauteed in panko, as well as a big salad.  Peru said it was one of his favorite meals  ever.

I probably overcooked the millet.  I didn’t measure water at all; just dumped the half cup or so of millet that I had from a bulk bin into a saucepan added a lot of water, and simmered.  For a long time.  The end result was sort of like polenta; all the water was absorbed.  Buttered and salted, it was delicious.  It went really well with the rest of the meal.  Homemade tartar sauce from which I abstained, but the Beloved cannot eat fish without it.  The zucchini was pretty good too; onions, garlic, celery sauteed in oil, added chopped zucchini, at the end of cooking added bread crumbs, continuing to sautee a couple of minutes more.  Simple and delicious.

The dinner I was planning to make tonight, using the millet, got revised.  Since the Beloved is not here for dinner, I’m less inclined to cook; so Murphy got a frozen pot pie, and I had peanut butter crackers and a salad.  Should have made soup, it’s so dang cold! Perhaps tomorrow.  Though, the weather is supposed to start heating up again, and by Saturday’s soccer game, should be close to 100 again.

Whoever said that New England had the corner on labile weather needs to spend some time in the Ojai Valley.

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