The problem with feeling better

Wow, is that a negon title, or what? I have to go and find something wrong with feeling well!  Sheesh.

But there is a downside, at least for my ADHD self.  I woke up this morning, feeling pretty darn good.  Happy, not in significant pain, reasonable amount of sleep; wow, life is good!  My first thought is; OMG, this isn’t going to last.  Make the most of it!

So; I get up, take meds, eat breakfast.  Read email and check Craig’s list for jobs.  Call about previous jobs.  Then I start thinking big.  Laundry.  Get that into the washer.  Then I remember my intent from yesterday to work on learning to use my combs on the alpaca I washed.  So I get them down, clean them off, and realize I need “C” clamps to use them, and I don’t have any.  Bummer.  Well, I can wash the rest of the alpaca, right?  So I get my wash bucket, get one batch of alpaca in.  Since I can’t comb, I’ll work on the bathroom. That’s an idea!  So I start going through the closet in the bathroom/laundry/dye room and getting the rubbermaid tubbies with all my fiber stuff in them out.  Oh yeah, I should organize my finished objects, make labels, fold them nicely so I can grab them when I vendor.  And I should go through my sellable spun yarn, weigh and label that too.  Put them on the bed for later… But to clean that closet, I have to clean the closet in the kitchen, to put the cleaning stuff into (rug spot steamer, the beloved’s HUGE metal tool box I can’t even lift, other large cleaning appliances, etc…) but that job is HUGE, so I try to work around. But when I notice the floor in the kitchen is an inch deep in cheerios and oak leaves and crumbs, I sweep the kitchen floor, since I found the dustpan in my closet.  Then, the dining room, since it looks really crumby too.  By then, I’m tired, so I sit down to check email and craig’s list again, knit for a while, trying to finish a few more projects to have to sell in December.  I look around and notice that the laundry is on the bed, waiting to be folded, three tubbies are on the bed waiting to be sorted and labeled,  the alpaca needs it’s second rinse, the second load of laundry is waiting to be put in the washer… my room looks way more of a mess than when I started.  This is the story of my life.

I’m not complaining, mind you.  It’s really nice to have a pain free day or two (yesterday was lovely, though emotional; I’ll try to blog that later. Oh man, another thing on the list…) and I appreciate it immensely.  It does recall however, why I need lists, and organization FIRST. Always, if I’m feeling well, I jump in and do as much as I can, because I don’ t know how long it will last, and I want to get as much done as I can, while I can.  Always remembering that if I do too much too fast, the pain comes back more quickly.

Still, it’s a lovely day; the sun is out for the first time in a week or two, it’s not too hot or too cold.  My plants are loving the rain we’ve been having and are exploding with growth, and that’s so awesome!  So I’ll finish blogging and get back to the laundry and alpaca, and see how much of the rest I can get done.  Keep prioritizing so I can find a system to get the important stuff done.  Recruit helpers.   =]  And hope this break cycle lasts more than a few days.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. asbestos
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 13:45:23

    HA! You are so classically ADD!
    love you!


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