Posts are getting fewer

I have a mental problem.

I am aware that for many people reading this, this is not news.

The particular mental problem (one among many) I address here is the problem of paralysis.  I am easily overwhelmed by the number of tasks I know I need to get done.  I’m unable to prioritize and end up like a deer in the headlights, unable to  move at all.  Sometimes this is due to the Hashimoto’s/CFS; there are days when the mental acuity to remember my own name is in doubt.  Then there are the days when my brain is doing fine, but the pain is such that I don’t want to move out of my lounge chair.  The days that I’m mentally sharp and have the energy and stamina to accomplish much are not common.

My asbestos friend Barbara is fond of making lists.  I make them, then can’t remember where I put them.  So I think I may use a gadget on my sidebar to list and prioritize things. At least I won’t loose it there.  And who knows, maybe it’ll help me blog more regularly.

I’ve continued my experimentation with seitan.  I made a double batch this past weekend, and I think I’m getting better at it.  For one batch, I used this recipe (just the seitan portion), simmering it carefully, and for the other, I used the white seitan recipe from Viva Vegan, and steamed it, as recommended.  Then I breaded steaks from each seitan recipe, using the recipe from Vegan Yum Yum above, and did a Chikn Fried Seitan.  It was awesome!  The entire family loved it.  I made this gravy, which was amazingly good.  I did find that the steamed seitan was not as good as the simmered.  The steaks were way too thick, and perhaps steamed at too high of a temperature.  They were super firm and slightly rubbery.  The simmered ones, however, were tender, juicy and wonderful.  I was very careful about the temperature when I simmered them; kept them at as low a simmer as I could manage, and I think that made a huge difference.  It was one of my favorite meals of recent days, and even the leftover fried steaks were good the next day, toasted in the oven.

I’m planning for Thanksgiving now.  I think there will be about twelve people. I want to do as much ahead of time as I can, to limit my exhaustion that day.  It will be mostly vegan, but I will cook a turkey.  I’m also going to try the seitan roulade from Vegan Yum Yum; it looks amazing, and I think I can make it ahead and freeze it.

Yes, Vegan Yum  Yum is one of my most favorite sites. Her recipes are fabulous, and her pictures are amazing.  I really appreciate how she takes you through step by step, so someone like me,who is really learning to cook vegan, can be successful the first time.  It’s a shame she’s no longer blogging. I hope she returns soon.

So I’m off to find a way to make my list gadget, and work on my broken website, and comb that alpaca fleece that’s been drying on my treadmill (at least it gets used for something!) and cook brunch for my family and plan dinner (anyone have a vegan meatloaf recipe they love?) and work on those socks, oh yeah, and that beaded scarf that needs to be done for the festival, and keep checking Craig’s list for jobs, and tagging finished items, and oh man, pay the property taxes, and shower, I need a shower, and find a place for all the stuff we decided to keep, and reorganize the linen closet, oh yeah and call the Mission to pick up a truckload of crap donations, and crawl into bed and pull the covers up over my head cuz there’s too much….

I think this is where I came in…

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. asbestos
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 10:51:53

    You might do better to just have a Word document with a list. Old fashioned, but simple, easy to maintain, etc. I don’t like gadgety lists because it takes work to maintain them.


  2. cherizac
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 10:59:16

    What I hope to do is do it in Word, then post it to the blog. Helps to keep me blogging, helps to keep the list in front of my face. We’ll see how it goes. What I’m really looking for would be an app for my cell phone; THAT would be the most effective. Cuz my cell phone is my life.


  3. Amy Love
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 22:55:09

    hope things get better darlin’ love reading your posts 🙂 you’re in my prayers ❤


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