This is one of those times

that you just have to ask “Why?”  Today, both my best friend and my husband are in Intensive Care Units, on opposite coasts.  Barbara is having a small piece of intestine removed, which we hope will alleviate the pain she’s had for the longest time.  Her daughter tells me there were complications in the surgery, but that she is out now, overnighting in ICU.  My husband has been having trouble breathing for a while, but it got really bad over the last two days.  I finally talked him into going to the hospital, and they found he has right sided pneumonia.  They’re still deliberating putting him on a ventilator to give him some rest.  Right now, his sats are good on 100% O2, but his breathing is still very, very labored.  He’s been given IV antibiotics, aminophylline, and fluids, and a little pain med, because his right side hurt so much he didn’t want to expand the ribcage to breathe.  He looks ragged and exhausted, though he does look better than when we first got there, when his sats were 83 and lower on 100% O2.  He is not having fun.

I was doing fine until I came home for the evening, leaving him there.  I wish I could split myself down the center, leave half at the hospital and half to come home for the kids.  Now, Murphy is in bed and I’m lost; I don’t know what to do with myself and I can’t stop thinking of What Might Be.  So I’m blogging to distract myself, and I’ll start a new knitting project I can bring to the hospital and do while he naps.  I won’t be able to go to the Alpaca Festival tomorrow at Alpacas and Beyond, where I was planning to vendor.

Tomorrow is Eric’s birthday.  I’m afraid he won’t get much of a celebration, but I’ll remember to tell him how much we love him, at least.

Time to go pack a bag with yarn and munchies and comforting things.

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