Gluten Free Bread

So after a month of not posting, today you’re getting a bonanza, a virtual shower of posts!

Going gluten free is challenging.  Sometimes, you just want a sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly, though in my case, without the jelly (eww.) I’d resorted to rice cakes, which is okay, sometimes, but not really satisfying when you want a sandwich.

Then I tried Gluten free bread.  Which is mondo expensive.  And has the taste and the texture of  styrofoam made out of lead, somehow.  Horrendous. Heavy, beyond dense, flavorless, crumbly to the point of idiocy.

Then I found this bread.  Udi’s White Sandwich Bread.

Udi’s is well known for it’s line of gluten free products, and has the gratitude of millions of people because of it. But…

Okay, there’s still problems.  It’s over five dollars a loaf, and the loaf is the smallest loaf I have ever seen in my life.  The bread is three and a half inches square at the highest point.  I actually measured.  And much of the loaf has HUGE holes in the middle.  See? 

That said, there are good points.  The bread is lovely and light, holds together well, and actually tastes rather like homemade bread.  I was able to make sandwiches with it, and even eat the sandwich without it falling apart (if I covered the holes with pickle slices.)

If I had an income that allowed me such extravagant purchases on a regular basis, it would be worth it.  It’s definitely the best gluten free bread I’ve tried yet, by miles.  As I’m an unemployed chronically  ill poor person, I bought two loaves and froze them, and will be using them VERY sparingly, while I search for cheaper homemade recipes.

My next review will be Bob’s Red Mill, which carries many gluten free items and mixes. Watch for it!