Just  a bit of girl giggles – “Jeanette’s Healthy Living” is a blog I’ve been following for a while; she has great recipes and resources for making healthy choices, and beautiful pictures.

Jeanette, herself, just commented on my Jicama Quinoa salad post.


I feel star-struck!  =]


I love giveaways!

My new favorite vegan blog is The Voracious Vegan; and she’s got a giveaway going for the coolest device;  a tofu press!!!  I so want one.  Tofu’s main drawback is the mess and danger inherent in pressing the excess water out; wrapping the block of tofu in paper towels, stacking weighted plates on it and leaving it for a while to allow the water to be squeezed out.  I don’t know about anyone else, but aside from the guilt of wasting paper towels, I’ve also had the stack of weights keel over on my stove, and worse, my feet.  So I really want this tofu press.  Go check out her blog and enter.  No, wait, don’t enter, I need all the help I can get to win!  Find her at http://thevoraciousvegan.com/2010/07/12/matar-tofu-paneer-dahl-and-a-giveaway/