What do Vegans Eat?

People seem to think it’s hard to eat vegan. Well, it is, sometimes.  Going out to eat is tough; non vegan ingredients are in things you’d think are totally safe, and it’s better to avoid them.  For instance, did you know McDonald’s french fries are coated with beef seasoning?  But at home, vegans can eat a wide variety of foods in all the food groups and get plenty of nutrition from them.  So I’m going to try to post every day with my basic “what did I eat today” list, just for myself and those who wonder.  I may or may not include snacks and such; I just want to give an overview of a typical week.

B – Rice Chex, blueberries, vanilla almond milk.  Coffee with So Delicious Coconut Milk creamer.

L – Homemade tabbouleh on lavash bread; soy pudding

S – West African Groundnut stew, brown rice, baked tofu with leftover orange sauce.  Peach.

Protein sources: Tofu, peanut butter, almond milk.  Veggies: parsley, cuke, mint in tabbouleh, spinach and sweet potatoes in stew.  Fruits; blueberries, peach, tomatoes in stew and tabbouleh.  Grains; bulghur wheat in tabbouleh, brown rice, bread

Usually have green drink daily, but was out of ingredients; will make some tomorrow.

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